Belonging: A Constellation Approach

This workshop will be mostly experiential using constellation approach (a phenomenological process) exploring our belonging to groups we already are part of e.g family of origin, present family, work and LGBT community and others. Exploring how we are relating to all these groups in a way that support taking our place in life and in each of our group. In other words exploring the importance of our belonging to ourselves and to the other members of these groups.  The aim is to create a place where we can experience the importance of our belonging to groups we are part of including LGBT community.

Emerson Bastos

Emerson Bastos, MRSS, Registered Shiatsu Practitioner and Teacher, Constellation Facilitator.
He has a degree in Physical Education when he still lived in Brazil, where he is originally from. He's lived in London since 1987 and has a Diploma in Shiatsu. He has worked for over 20 years with complementary therapies both as a Practitioner and teacher, training future practitioners and running his own workshops. Emerson's experience with constellation work started in 2004, later training in family/systemic constellations with the Centre for Systemic Constellation (CSC). His main interest in working with clients with Shiatsu or constellation work has always been, the source, the ‘cause’. ‘Where is the energy not flowing’ and supporting the possibility for its release and having this available to ones life. He has combined the constellation approach with the 5 elements theory from Oriental Medicine and has been running 5 Elements Constellation workshops for a few years now in England, Argentina, Brazil and Greece. He is now undergoing Gestalt Psychotherapy training.

All of his courses teach you practical skills, which you can use at home. His personalised holistic treatments, allow you to focus on your ailments and issues.


Breath and Energy Orgasm

This workshop will involve using breath, sound, movement and intention that will create a process where you can have a breath and energy 'orgasm' allowing participants to journey into their sexuality and spirituality. It's gender free and genital free, instead bringing forth spirit to create orgasmic potential. It's a queer hearted tantric technique that potential for connecting with our precious LGBT+ sexualities as sites of ecstatic joy, healing and liberation.

Amanda Gay Love

For the last three years Amanda has been running "Conscious Queer Sex" workshops that utilise ancient and modern practices to allow LGBT+ people to explore conscious sexuality and sexual practices. Her passions is for creating spaces for queer souls of all genders to explore and expand their possibilities sensuality, spirituality, sexuality and pleasure in safe and heart-connected ways. 


Change Your Reality with Masterful Affirmations

This workshop will teach you how to craft and use masterful positive statements (so called “affirmations”). Using affirmations can change your emotional state and ultimately your reality. At their most basic level, they are a tools to reprogramme your mind. At a spiritual level, affirmations are seen as one of several ways to use the Law of Attraction, the notion that we can attract the things we desire by matching their vibration!  

Hans Schumann

Hans is a transformational coach working with professionals who experience life as an uninspiring repetitive grind. He helps them find out what they really want in life and how to regain a fresh sense of purpose, fulfilment and excitement. His action-orientated coaching process combines tools, processes and models from world-renowned coaching experts with his own experience of overcoming years of struggle. Hans is also the founder of the Meetup group “Spiritual Gay Men In London”.

Chanting from the Heart

A special opportunity to explore chants from different traditions  Sanskrit, Jewish, Sufi, Native American and English – to unlock the power of the voice. You will be guided through chants and mantras; some call and response (Kirtan) and some together in unison.

Gavin Frank

Gavin is is a singer, voice facilitator, Kirtan leader, musician, recording artist and composer. He began training with Chloe Goodchild in 1999, completing The Naked Voice Training, Facilitator training and eventually becoming a NV Introductory teacher. He has been empowering people from all walks of life to find, embody and express the fullness of their own voice for the last 14 years. Gavin also leads Kirtan in London as well as facilitating chanting evenings, day/weekend voice workshops, individual voice sessions and various themed workshops. Gavin recently moved to London and is developing his work more extensively in the south east. He now offers Music Therapy in One 40 Worthing working with recovering addicts.He also performs and records in the duo Madrum and they have produced 2 CD's.


Crystal Connection

Relax, unwind and learn to connect with yourself and develop your intuition through a variety of different techniques.
The workshop will include: 

  • A simple meditation
  • Self development exercises
  • Spiritual discussion
  • Working with other members of the group
  • Exploring connection with crystals

Kalie Jade

Kalie has been attending Psychic Development Circles since the age of 17. During this time she has trained with various mediums and completed numerous workshops in the UK and Spain. She now offers a mixture of psychic and card readings alongside mediumship and Reiki healing. Kalie has recently qualified in Animal Reiki 1 & 2 and Animal Communication.

Developing Psychic Skills

We all have an innate potential to develop into psychic beings. This workshop will start to give tools to people interested to pursue this side of themselves.

Vivienne Fabian and Geoffrey Henning

Vivienne has been a working medium for over 40 years and gives readings on a daily basis to people wanting to connect with spirit and obtain advice from the other side. She also runs a trance circle and along with other members goes into trance to receive information from her guides and helpers.

Geoffrey has been developing his connection with spirit for many years and has participated in circle and given public demonstrations of mediumship on a number occasions.

Earth Medicine

This workshop has the intention to honour the breadth and depth of your Being, by helping you energise and come more fully into your physical body, and then inviting in Spirit (Source, the queer ancestors, the Earth...) to give you healing, through a shamanic drum bath and healing journey

We will dance and move together and use bioenergetic excersices, to raise energy and give us more 'juice' to work with. We will hold simple ceremony to welcome our spirit into our body. And we will experience group healing through a sound healing journey.

No experience necessary, all are welcome!  


Justin Luria

Justin Luria is a healer and teacher of healing and grounding. He graduated in 2011 from the Barbara Brennan (Hands of Light) School of Healing, and continues his training now as a student of Shamanic healing with Patricia White Buffalo, cord healing with Jan Janssen, and ancestral healing with Shavasti. He draws upon his rich Jewish ancestry (both Cohenim and Kabbalist, the high priest & the mystic) and perspective as a queer spiritual seeker.

He lives in London, and loves all things geeky, especially sci-fi and fantasy. He hopes to one day marry Patrick Stewart..



Falling Deeper into Love

Exploring what it is to fall deeper into love by joyfully connecting with and healing, the Core Wound Stories that limit and block our perfect potential and keep us from thriving in life. That is, until they are fully embraced and seen, as the exquisite gift of love that they truly are.


Yve Bowen

Yve is a writer, speaker, vocalist and spiritual coach who supports heart-centred beings to connect to the innate love and wholeness they truly are, so they can thrive in business, or in life. She's the author of 'Musings On The Path' and 'Awakenings: Are You Ready?' and creator of The Awakening Program - a 12 week spiritual coaching program that takes you on an inner journey of awakening. 


Find Your Calling, Follow Your Heart

Exercises in opening your heart. Including meditation. We'll be exploring the question: What is your true calling? 

Learning how to let Love lead you. And setting your Intention.

Estelle Laybourne

Estelle is an experienced presenter, facilitator of groups and workshops and has been a contributor to national and international media including GMTV, Radio 2, Oprah .com and the "Starting over Show." 

Her inspirations include Oprah, Ellen De Generes, Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, chanting, music and social history. She is an experienced traveller and enjoys learning about cultures and meeting people from diverse backgrounds. Estelle has a particular interest in the subject of friendship, separation, divorce, only children, second adulthood and alternative ways of being in the world. 


Rebecca D'Arcy

Rebecca is an Interfaith Minister and professional celebrant with many years experience in creating and holding sacred ceremonies. She provides a range of spiritual services to people from many faiths or none.
Rebecca facilitates many workshops, including a Women's Spirituality Circle; Wicca and Egyptian Mysteries; Mysteries of the Goddess Inanna; Healing Faith and Spirituality Issues. 
She also offers one to one tuition on Goddess Spirituality, Wicca and Tarot. This can be face to face or via Skype or telephone.

From Oppression to Healing

The words of the Bible/Torah - the creation story in Genesis and the sexual prohibitions in Leviticus in particular - have been used to oppress LGBT people for centuries. In this session we will acknowledge the power that these words have to hurt us. We will, through studying the texts, chanting and sharing, find the power that these words also possess to help us heal..

Daniel Lichman

Daniel is studying to be a rabbi in the Reform denomination of Judaism. He teaches chanting, meditation and text-study as transformative spiritual practices. He has been involved in LGBT activism for ten years, helping to set up the Jewish LGBT campaigning organisation Keshet UK.


Intro to Transformational Breath

Transformational Breath , often described as the most powerful self healing breath technique on the planet at this time.

• Feel completely energised
• Let go of emotional baggage
• Release anxiety and alleviate depression
• Move beyond whatever is standing between you and you’re your happiness
• Become emotionally free and be aware of how your emotions are holding you back from you becoming your true and authentic self
• Experience deeply nourishing relaxation
• Have the ability to reach higher levels of consciousness
• Open your breath and expand your life

Alan has helped many students realise their full potential through his workshops and now you have to chance to experience Transformational Breath 

Alan Purves

Alan has been working with Transformational Breath for almost 10 years and is still as excited about it now as he was when he first discovered this amazingly powerful technique. He has always been interested in exploring the spiritual aspects of life which lead him to study theology and become fully active within the church. He trained in Theta healing, Reiki and is also a Akashic Records Consultant.

Alan has been interested in various forms of healing and has found that Transformational Breath is by far the most powerful modality to bring about positive changes in one's life. Alan lives in London where he offers one to one sessions and leads workshops in and around London and in Europe.


Intrusion Free Living Unlocks The Power of Your Being

Functioning from unconscious actions, beliefs, and injected values creates a human energy field that radiates out of you no matter where you are. Having little control over your thoughts, emotions, and actions impacts your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual self. It also has an impact on your business, finances, relationships, as well your self-worth. Being unaware of how much time and space is occupied by worrying about what other people think, hinders your ability to grow, heal, and love without boundaries.

This interactive workshop is for you if you are:

  • Ready to let go intruding with your thoughts and step into the power of your elevated being.
  • Want to learn techniques to improve self-control, have more energy, & greater focus 
  • Curious to experience the power of Tony’s unique meditation.
  • Willing to reconnect to your life's work, vision, and mission .
  • Synchronise your mind, body, emotions, heart, and honour your soul’s desires.

Tony J Selimi

Tony is an inspired visionary, entrepreneur, and ambassador for peace, equality, and Love. He has always been interested in exploring the evolution of human consciousness, quantum physics, and the spiritual aspects of life which led him to create TJS Evolutionary Method as an empowering choice through which businesses, educational systems, governments, leaders, adults, and children can unlock their true potential. Tony lives in London where he offers one to one sessions and he has led workshops in many locations globally.
He is known for creating amazing transformations in people, leaving his clients feeling inspired, balanced, peaceful, and reconnected to their path of wisdom.

Non/monogamy 101

In this workshop Meg-John explores the different forms of non/monogamy that have emerged in recent years, including swinging, open relationships, monogamish relationships, and polyamory. We will consider the different reasons for people opening up their relationships, and the various different ways in which they have done this (which might work for different people, and at different times). Particularly we'll focus on where you are on a continuum of sexual fidelity and one of emotional fidelity, and what this means for your relationships. We'll consider the kinds of contracts that people do, and don't, use in their relationships, and how these work. We'll discuss communication levels that people prefer, and how to talk about these possibilities with partners and others in our lives. Finally we'll reflect on how our relationship structures might relate to our wider values and spiritual and political beliefs, and useful practices to bring into our relationships.

Meg-John Barker

Dr. Meg John Barker is a public engagement academic specialising in sex and relationships. Meg-John is a senior lecturer in psychology at the Open University and has published many academic books and papers on topics including non-monogamous relationships, sadomasochism, counselling, and mindfulness, as well as co-editing the journal Psychology & Sexuality. They were the lead author of The Bisexuality Report – which has informed UK policy and practice around bisexuality. They are involved in running many public events on sexuality and relationships, including Sense about Sex, Critical Sexology, and Gender & Sexuality Talks. Meg-John is also a UKCP accredited therapist working with gender and sexually diverse clients. Their 2013 book Rewriting the Rules is a friendly guide to love, sex and relationships. 



Shamanic Journeying for Queer People

You will learn about 'core shamanism' and experience a 'shamanic journey', a fundamental aspect of shamanism. You will do a journey to meet your power animal and ask it for a teaching relevant to your current life.

Learning how to 'Shamanic Journey' allows you direct access to the spirit world, where you will meet your power animal spirit-teacher, who is able to offer you guidance and support.

Shamanic Healing restores balance and promotes health and well-being. Through direct contact with your spirit teacher, Shamanic Counselling gives you insight and answers your questions.


Is a professionally qualified therapist with over twenty years' experience of running courses and offering holistic treatments. He runs practical courses in Shamanism and Thai Yoga Massage and offers personalised holistic treatments in Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Counselling and Thai Yoga Massage.

All of his courses teach you practical skills, which you can use at home. His personalised holistic treatments, allow you to focus on your ailments and issues.


Sharing Our Love Stories with Improv Comedy

Through Love all that is bitter will be sweet,
through Love all that is copper will be gold,
through Love all dregs will become wine,
through Love all pain will turn to medicine.
 — Rumi

Life is an improvisation, most of the time we are not prepared for it and we have to learn to deal and cope on a daily basis. Being more spontaneous, being in the flow and taking yourself less seriously can help enormously to adapt and cope with change.  This is an improv comedy workshop where we will be sharing and exploring our love stories using tools from the world of improv comedy. No previous experience necessary and/or knowledge of improv or acting is required.

Nat Tsolak

Nat is a teacher, coach and a consultant with over 15 years international experience in training and facilitating workshops. He puts positive psychology into practice with fun, play and laughter.

Nat has been featured in the national media including BBC radio and TV, Backchat with Jack Whitehall and internationally in the Japanese and Norwegian TV.

Nat is in Improv Comedy and acting by Keith Johnstone (Author of Impro), Remy Bertrand (Imprology), Tom Salinsky (Author of Impro Handbook), Anthony Atamanuik of UCB and other teachers in London.

Nat holds an MBA from Imperial College Business School and Masters in Psychology from Glasgow University. He is a Member of the British Psychological Society. 


Sound Bath Healing

The Sound Bath is a healing session you can experience while resting in a safe and secure place.

A sequence of quartz crystal singing bowls are played, each one keyed to the energy centres (chakras) of the body, where sound nourishes the nervous system. Other instruments are played such as the didgeridoo,harmonium, heartbeat drum and Tibetan singing bowls. The results are waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.

A Sound Bath can be an unforgettable sound experience for those who seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation and an acceleration of their inward journey. Time is suspended as you enter a world of vibration, sensation and experience. Physical injuries can be healed and old emotional traumas released. Great insights can be accessed. You feel truly, vibrantly alive. Once you’ve had your first Sound Bath you’ll want more.

Otto Haddad

Before turning my passion of Sound into a full time job and a life-mission I studied industrial computing, IT engineering and spent many years working as a consultant.

Money and pride were not an issue anymore but deep inside I felt that something was lacking. So I started an inner journey through exploration of my physical body and the impacts of my emotions on my health.

Learning and practicing Yoga, Meditation and other holistic techniques helped me bring more awareness to my process. However, the biggest shift in my health and emotions happened when I read the Artist Way by Julia Cameron and discovered that my life mission is to help people with Sound! I realized that I have always been tuned to rhythm and never stopped exploring it since a very young age.

After quitting IT and studying Group Sound therapy and Chakra Tuning with Sound with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, and Vibrational Retraining with SoundTherapyUK, I started practicing and with experience I developed my own approach to Sound Therapy which combines cutting-edge 21st century technology and science with ancient Sound techniques.

I have been blessed to have access to such a powerful healing instrument and I am dedicated to my life's mission of helping as much people as possible with Sound by the means of treatments, Group sessions, private sessions and tuition.


Taking Our Place

In this workshop, we'll work with the mirror between the inner and outer worlds. I invite participants of any faith or none through song, stillness, movement, silence, sharing and listening, to seek and take their place - both in the world and in the throne of the heart, where our core sense of self, or spirit, dwells. As LGBTI / queer people we have been repeatedly told, and something in us may have come to believe, that we are marginal, and that we have to knock on the door to gain entry to faith, religion, even spirituality. On the contrary, I believe that we are the natural priests, shamans, philosophers and healers of our communities. In this workshop, we will what it might mean to take our place. 

Razia Aziz

Razia Aziz, has worked as a trainer, facilitator and coach in the field of diversity, equality and inclusion for over 25 years. She has sought to understand human nature through this work - and also from the points of view of social & political activism, a love of nature, song poetry and creativity, mothering and partnering, healing and the constant current of the spiritual journey. Upon this many-splendoured path she has had the privilege to work with a very wide variety of people, and sensed the deep longing of people of all persuasions, in all walks of life be (re)united with their Truth, their Self, their God. Awareness of this longing in her and others inspires her work.

Transformation through Trauma

Life. It doesn't always go the way we plan. Or the way we think it should. Illness, disease, accidents, death, war and other headline worthy tragedies can turn our world upside down, leave us feeling lost, worthless, disadvantaged, disabled and depressed. But some people manage to beat the odds and maintain a positive attitude. How do they do that? This session will be an opportunity to explore different mechanisms for spiritual transformation through crisis.

Leviathen Hendricks

Leviathen is a co-founder of LoveSpirit. He's passionate about promoting self-respect in LGBT+ people around the world, and fostering support and respect from other communities.  He's organised events and socials for queer Londoners interested in spirituality for several years now.  A bit of a ceramic artist, his work has been exhibited at the V&A.  A year ago Leviathen was starting a chemotherapy regime for inoperable brain cancer. 

From Oppression to HealingFrom Oppression to Healing

The words of the Bible/Torah - the creation story in Genesis and the sexual prohibitions in Leviticus in particular - have been used to oppress LGBT people for centuries. In this session we will acknowledge the power that these words have to hurt us. We will, through studying the texts, chanting and sharing, find the power that these words also possess to help us heal..

Daniel Lichman

Daniel is studying to be a rabbi in the Reform denomination of Judaism. He teaches chanting, meditation and text-study as transformative spiritual practices. He has been involved in LGBT activism for ten years, helping to set up the Jewish LGBT campaigning organisation Keshet UK.


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