Here’s what people had to say about previous  LoveSpirit Festivals…


‘Gay liberation has two related meanings; the liberation of homosexual men and women from all social, political and religious prejudice, and the liberation of homosexual men and women into their divine identity and mission so that they can become joyful and passionate agents of transforming change. LoveSpirit is dedicated to both these aims and so is essential for the future of the LGBTQ community and of the world.’
– Andrew Harvey, Patron of LoveSpirit


‘A heart felt thank you to… everyone responsible for [the] brilliant success at LoveSpirit. I was totally bowled over by people I met. One rarely encounters so many souls passionate about spirituality and justice in this wounded and beautiful world. I felt privileged to be in such company. My heart sings with joy… having encountered so many transparently credible sisters and brothers.’
– Bernárd Lynch, Author of ‘If It Wasn’t Love – Sex, Death and God’


‘Thank you again for your time, your dedication and your vision.
I really hope this will be the beginning for many other gatherings and for a new course in the LGBT community and beyond.’
– Simon


‘A BIG thank you to all those people involved in organising and volunteering for LoveSpirit. What a day! It was such a beautiful gathering of people and a such warm feeling of connectedness flowed throughout the day. My highlights included the 5 Rhythms Movement Dance with Bodhi Hunt. Many years since I did this and what a complete joy! Such a delicious flow of bodies, movement and music superbly facilitated. I’m checking out my local group next week for sure.
All involved in LoveSpirit have lovingly planted a small but beautiful seed to grow the LGBT Tribe into increased spiritual consciousness for the benefit of all beings on Planet Earth.’
– Mike


‘Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the day on Saturday and thanks for organising it. I got so much out of it and was able to connect with other guys I’ve met over the years at various events. When I came away one of the things I realised was that I now have a gay peer group to which I feel I belong and am fully accepted as the gay man I am. I am 55 and I think that is the first time I’ve felt that.
Well done.’


‘I just wanted to say what a fantastic event you hosted on Saturday. As I reflect on it today I realise how it has lead me to confront some of the things hidden away for a good while and I feel I am now starting to learn more about my own/our identity and have a greater sense of belonging to a new loving community. This is something new for me , something I have not known before and I feel really heartened and energised. It feels like the beginning of something significant for me and I think for us all.
I think the community we are creating is the way forward. Thank you for your pioneering approach and to everyone involved in making yesterday an inspirational day.’
– Paul


‘I was incredibly impressed by… the way they created an ethos of respectful dialogue, acceptance and celebration. The dynamic opening ceremony set the scene for a wonderful day: an amazing opportunity to learn and to share with others.’
– Rev Dr. Christina Beardsley


‘The conference itself was thought-provoking and sociable, with much to enjoy and a few juicy ideas to take away and ponder.
LoveSpirit got a lot right. There was a large range of interesting workshops on offer. The general vibe was positive and friendly. There was attractive, informative pre-publicity. And the organisers did a great job of pulling everything together, and communicating their intention of running a diversity-friendly event.’
– Lisa

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