About LoveSpirit

About LoveSpirit

LoveSpirit was formed by a group of queer people who sought a space where LGBT spiritual explorers could meet and share their journeys. LoveSpirit is a non-profit registered company led by a small team of volunteers called the Queer Steer with the help of a large diverse group of generous people. Our events bring together many facilitators, writers and activists to create gatherings that break new territory in LGBT communal life, with all involved giving their services free of charge.

LoveSpirit embraces all individual spiritual paths and does not advocate any particular approach. We believe by bringing our diverse beliefs together and sharing ideas we gain strength, build community and promote love and peace.

LoveSpirit is offered as a space for lgbt people from all spiritual backgrounds to meet and share our stories and discoveries.  Over a few decades gay life has transformed.  We have gone from being outlaws, and classified as mentally ill, to now when the wider society is prepared to honour our love for each other through equal marriage.  Some religions still insist on demonising us, which discourages many of us from investigating spirituality at all, so cutting us off from sources of wisdom, understanding of transcendence, and tools for self-knowledge, healing and growth.  Yet there are queer people active in all religions, and independently exploring consciousness and loving community.  The search for who we are is moving from the sexual to the spiritual sphere.

At LoveSpirit we honour the fact that human beings are physical and spiritual, and offer perspectives on the integration of these parts of our nature, to achieve greater meaning in our lives and develop a deeper connection with other people and our planet. We explore the possibility that lgbt people have a role in the spiritual transformation and awakening of humanity. Around the globe we were once honoured as the in-between people, who stood both between the gender polarities and also between matter and spirit, serving the wider society as shamans and healers.  Gay people have always been active in monastic and religious settings, whatever official attitudes authority figures maintained.  A few decades into the story of gay liberation it is now the time for the queer community to explore the deep roots of this largely hidden spiritual history and step into our power as healers and transformers of society.

The LGBT community uses the rainbow as our flag because we represent the coming together of all people as one.  We are found in every race, religion and walk of life.  We stand for tolerance, peace, joy and love.  When we embrace who we are fully, as sexual, social and spiritual beings, we unlock the talents and gifts that lie inside us and participate in the healing and re-enchantment of the world.

Here are some words from the people behind LoveSpirit
Leviathen Hendricks
My spiritual development these days is about exploring new and different paths and practices and putting to use the lessons and tools that resonate with them.
I wanted to help create a space where we could bring together a huge array of different ideas, faiths, belief systems, practices and tools under one roof. A festival that celebrates and explores our spiritual and sexual diversity. We’re investigating and honouring the rich spiritual heritage of Queer people throughout the ages and celebrating our spiritual and sexual diversity.
Somehow, gay people have gone from an esteemed place of honour, respect and leadership in many societies to a status of dogmatic inferiority in many major religions today. This has had a damaging effect on our collective consciousness, and resulted in many gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered and queer people turning their backs on a spiritual life altogether. We’ve all too often ‘thrown out the baby with the bath water’.
Join us in reclaiming a full life, a life that considers the ‘Great Mystery’, the Wonder of the Universe, the Awe of Life, Spirit, Love… of You. We come together to show the world and ourselves that we can embrace diversity of belief, of sexuality, of thought, and create a community of humans beings that care for this World.
Andy Saich
 My understanding of something more than just my physical body began in a hospital intensive care unit in 1987. I discovered a new perspective on my life and a power in vulnerability. Moving from a focus on ambition and status to one of forgiveness and love, I started to live my life.
Now when I walk through a forest, hear a heartfelt story, experience an intuitive massage, dance or sing, I feel alive and connected. This connection to my deeper self, to other people, to nature and to something more, is this my spirituality. It’s what gives purpose and meaning to my life and a sense of worthiness, love and belonging. 
Collectively today we have learned to disconnect from our environment and each other and we are the most in-debt, obese, addicted and medicated we have ever been. We have learned to numb vulnerability, not just through addiction and shopping. We also make belief in religious faith and mystery a forceful issue, creating polarisation and conflict. We’ve created a litigious society where blame has become a way to discharge pain and discomfort. We divert our energy to focus on perfection and develop a hunger to always want something more.
I believe lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have a valuable contribution we can make to the world. We have had a head start on this journey as a profound insight can be gained from outside the assumptions and conventions of culture. LoveSpirit brings us together in an exciting playground of ideas and possibilities and to practice truly embracing diversity. The age of tolerance is over, let’s welcome a new age of acceptance, contentment and happiness, a time to love each other and our world.
Ilaria Dellamarta
 My spiritual awaking happened when my 12yr civil partnership ended and despair came crashing down on me like a black veil covering all the light. I probably would never have given any thoughts on the subject of spirituality as I was coping with the support of people around me. However I realised soon enough that  replacing my relationship with another would not have worked because something inside of me was broken and needed to be restored. The feeling of intense  loneliness needed to be solved with a new relationship, but one with the divine essence within myself. That’s what I was craving for. It wasn’t about searching for something out there but something within.
I started exploring with meditation, positive thinking, going to meet up and events which introduced me to a whole new world that paved the road for the discovery of the eternal truth of human beings. And that is that we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a physical existence.
I believe that we are all connected to something bigger than ourselves and when you realise that, you no longer feel alone. The spiritual or higher self is the place within us that is happy, loving, peaceful and kind. We are on this earth on a journey and this university of life is an opportunity for growth and personal  development.
LoveSpirit offers the chance to share “that something bigger” with people of the same sexual identity and to learn from each other. Many of use often shy away from the spiritual world thinking that it has a religious affiliation and therefore a hostile territory for the LGBT community. LoveSpirit Festival is a proof that it is not so, that spirituality is a celebration of individuality.  Come and see for yourself!
 For me spirituality is about entering the flow of life, becoming conscious of the interplay of energies and dimensions that create our existence, growing as a human incarnation of divine love in harmony with nature and all other beings.  My sexuality opens me to the blissful heights of being alive.  Coming out was the start of a journey of self discovery, and hiv opened me to a spiritual and mystical view of life.
LoveSpirit offers a space for gay people to explore our spirit, honour the beauty and love that we bring to the world and reclaim the spiritual role of two-spirited souls
Geoffrey Henning
I started connecting to spirit after a holiday fling in Key West in 1996 who introduced me to a trance medium who helped me overcome physical burnout and stop smoking. I opened up to different forms of healing and teaching. Actually I was reconnecting with my youth when my imaginary companion was a source of intrigue to my family. Since then I have grown ever closer to spirit, assisted by workshops, healing and daily meditations. This work is making me realise how important we gay people can be (clearly I know more about the male side) in the energy shift that is coming. Our energy balance gives us a head start with the change towards a more feminine energy that is coming through over the last few years, because of this I believe LGBT people can help lead and guide the world.
LoveSpirit is an opportunity to open up to and support other people who might be searching for more in their lives, this Festival gives people the chance to learn more and grow through the experience.

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